Welcome to Haapsalu!

Haapsalu is a small town which is recognized as the Estonia's quiet summertown which year after year offers more and more joy for everyone. Its possible to take long walks on the fantastic seafront promenade, the lovely old town and the Bishop's castle to explore the fascinating history of Haapsalu. Here you can enjoy variety of flavors what the cute little cafes has to offer.

For our active holiday guests, Haapsalu offers wide variety of sport activities like tennis, golf and bowling. Haapsalu also offers some great bike paths and trails for walking in the Paralepa woods and Paralepa beach. Younger rollerblading and cycling guests have the ability to visit the Paralepa skate park.

In every summer big variety of cultural events take place in Haapsalu. Italian Wine Days, Early Music Festival, The White Lady, American Beauty car show, August Blues - these are just a small portion of events you can enjoy every summer in Haapsalu. There is also a selection of museums, exhibitions and galleries to visit.

Ilon's Wonderland and several playgrounds welcome your little ones to have a great time!